• Terms & Conditions

    I have positive expectations for a client/Grief Recovery Method Specialist relationship that will help you gain an understanding of grief and to help you start to take action steps toward healing. To partner professionally, please agree to the following guidelines.
    The fee is as outlined, and is payable to Rena Gillum. You cay pay by credit card by using Pay Pal. Services will not be rendered until payment is made.
    Our meetings will be either in-person or via Zoom (online meeting). If you wish to connect with me in between sessions with a challenge, a success or an inquiry, I will make every attempt to respond to your text or e-mail within 24 hours, I’m happy to provide this extra level of service at no additional charge.
    If you need to reschedule a 1 on 1 appointment, please give me 24 hours notice. If you are in a group program you will be permitted to reschedule 1 session and still complete the program. If more than 1 session is missed you will need to repeat the program. If I need to reschedule, I will give you at least 24 hours notice as well, barring an emergency or illness.

    My goal is to create a safe environment in which you can speak freely and to help you navigate through your pain and attain freedom. It is never my intent to offend, if you have any problem at all please bring it to my attention immediately so that we can resolve it as soon as possible. My objective is to have a working relationship that is safe, genuine, and authentic. I commit to respecting your boundaries as you respect my own. Our commitment to one another is to give each other plenty of latitude, and promptly ask for clarification if there is a misconnection.