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    About Me

    Rena Gillum, Grief Recovery Specialist

    Grief is one of the greatest sources of pain. It is one of the most natural things and at the same time remarkably misunderstood. Often the pain of grief is treated with unhealthy demonstrated learned behaviors.


    I'm Rena Gillum. After having spent most of my life misunderstanding grief, living in continuous unhealthy patterns and constant disappointments, I discovered the Grief Recovery Method. The knowledge gained and the application of steps taught in the Grief Recovery Method allowed me to do a complete 180° turn around. A perspective shift on the past and a new lens to look through for the future. Including a desire to help others dealing with grief.


    I use the Grief Recovery Method to help grievers take steps to heal from the pain of their past and understand proper ways to listen and relate to other grievers.


    Everyone has a story. I want to help you understand how to transform yours.